Best Birthday Gifts

It’s the time of year to celebrate a loved one’s birthday. Even though this event only comes around once a year, we know you can become stuck about the best birthday gifts. This is someone you know well enough for them to invite you to their special party.

But sometimes you don’t know what they want this year. That’s alright though because there are some items that make the best birthday gifts. The following list will give you good ideas about what to purchase:


Both men and women wear jewellry these days. People don’t always like getting jewellry from someone they are dating, because if they break up, then the jewellry does not always have good associations. Often, the person will give their post-break up jewels away or even toss them into a lake. However, when a person gets jewellry from a friend, they usually keep it even if they lose touch with the person. People like owning valuable pieces of real gold, silver, or gems. One woman shared that she received a pair of 24 carat gold earrings at a children’s birthday party from one of the other little girls. She still has the pair in her collection even to this day, even though the gift giver is just a Facebook acquaintance now.

Gift Cards

People used to think that gift cards do not take a lot of thought. Actually, a gift card is one of the best things that you can get a friend because it is almost like giving them cash. These are tough economic times, and they probably feel the pinch of not being able to shop at the stores they loved post-recession. A gift card is a great way to get your loved one out and about again, enjoying their time at the mall.


Everyone loves indoor plants, and the vegetation adds some good oxygen to a room. Your friend might not have a green thumb, but it is fun for them to practice anyways. They can grow fruit in their home like limes or enjoy the low maintenance lifestyle of not watering a cactus.

Perfume or Body Spray

No one ever has too much of this, unless they have a scent sensitivity. Barring any health restrictions, this is a great gift for the person who always has it all. Scent can be personal, so knowing what cologne or perfume a friend likes is a good prerequisite. But if all else fails in the research department, a person can go with generic female or male body sprays or even fancy air fresheners for the home. This way their guest bathrooms can smell good even if they are generally not much into scents.

There are a lot of great things to get people for birthdays, but these are the best birthday gifts. Unfortunately, a birthday is not like a wedding where one gets a registry for fool proof gifting, but in the future, maybe department stores will adopt such on idea for other occassions. In the meantime, you can’t go wrong getting the best birthday gifts you can based on your more limited knowledge.