Best Christmas Gifts for Men in 2016

A lot of guys do not expect to get many gifts for Christmas. After all Christmas gifts are best suited for children and females. However, some men want to be appreciated and expect some type of present for them under their tree. Here is a look at the top Christmas gifts that will be available for guys in 2016.

Tool Chest

A tool chest remains a very popular and practical gift for many guys. By nature, many guys need a good set of tools to fix, repair and to make things. Tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers make great equipment for guys. Electric or battery powered tools such as sanders, drills and saws are also useful for work around the home. Many guys that get a tool chest will simply love these items because they will help them to perform many functions at home.


Guys love electronics just as much as they love tools. Electronic devices will always be popular with the fellas. Items such as GPS units, solar chargers and computers are all electronic devices that will be appreciated by many men. Televisions, programmable stereos and programmable technology are the types of electronics that guys want. Electronic items are usually interesting to guys and they help them to have lots of fun doing some really great things.

Shaving Set

Many men like to shave and having a good shaving set is something that will be greatly appreciated. A shaving set will help them to save money on expensive razors. A good shaving set will have blade sharpeners that will make their razors ready to easily remove hair from a guy’s face. Shaving sets will be greatly appreciated by many guys.


Guys do not carry “man purses” or girly bags when they travel. They use backpacks. A good rugged back pack is something that many guys will appreciate. A good backpack should be able to hold a laptop, a tablet and books. It should also have room for essential man gear such as small tools or other items. Backpacks are a great item for guys and it something that they can practically use.

Gas Cards

A man loves to drive and having a good gas card will help him out with this activity. Gas prices might not be that expensive but it still helps to get more of this necessary fuel agent for free. So, giving gas cards for a man’s motor vehicle will go a long way with a fella. Especially since he is getting a free tank of gas.

Sports Gear

Many guys like to support their team. They all want to represent their franchises with pride and this is why they wear sports gear. Jerseys, hats, t-shirts and jackets are some of the most common types of sports gear that guys wear they also sport sweatpants, shorts and scarves that show off their favorite team. Many guys like their teams and sport gear is something that they will like an awful lot. By the way, sports equipment such as bats, balls, mitts, helmets and pads are also greatly appreciated by guys.

Fishing and Hunting Equipment

Men like to fish, hunt and live outdoors. The men who engage in these activities need some good gear to help them to carry out this activity. Hunting and fishing equipment makes a great Christmas gift for guys because they can connect with their inner man and take on the great outdoors. Fishing poles, portable generators, solar lamps, hunting packs and even a bow and arrow will make great gifts for any guy that likes that great outdoors.


Many men are not drunks or alcoholics but a good wine flask is something that they will find useful. They can fill their wine flask up with a good stiff drink and take it with them on an overnight excursion into the wild or when they need a drink after a hard day of work. Having a wine flask doesn’t make a guy a boozer it is just a novel way for him to have a drink every now and then.

All of these gifts are really great items that men will appreciate and enjoy during the 2016 holiday season.