Best Friend Gift Ideas that are Thoughtful and Stress-free

So, you’ve driven around to every store from Target to Macy’s. You’ve spent addicting hours on Pinterest searching for do-it-yourself gift ideas. Nothing stands out that is good enough for your best pal. Shopping is supposed to be fun, not stressful. Did you know that there is a certain technique to gift shopping? There are several things that must be considered. It’s a process! You have to consider the Five Dubs.

  • Who will enjoy this? Am I giving this Nintendo 3DS to my best friend, or will her jobless boyfriend be the one actually enjoying it? 
  • What is my best friend going to do with this? Will my best friend cherish and use this Smartwatch or resell it on Letgo?
  • When can my best friend use this? Does my best friend have time to read this month’s best-seller while working 60 plus hours a week?
  • Where will my best friend use this? My best friend can’t use this dining set. She doesn’t have her own place!
  • Why am I getting this for my best friend? Am I getting her this ugly scarf as revenge for the hideous top she got me for my birthday?

This is great for eliminating ideas that probably shouldn’t have been an idea to begin with. It is true what they say. You have to actually put thought into a gift. This is your best friend! This is the person who has been there for you, held your hair during those not-so-pleasant times, and holds the key to a lot of your secrets. Don’t they deserve a thoughtful gift?

The Shopping BFF

This is the easiest type of best friend to shop for. She loves shopping, with or without you. Her world revolves around sales, price tags, and store rewards. She feels that her life needs that retail therapy. This type of friend enjoys the tingling in her fingers as she slides her card. Get her a few gift cards. Yep… I said a few. Shoppers love options. Spend fifty bucks on a Nordstrom gift card instead of $150. With that amount of $150, you can add a fifty dollar DSW gift card and a fifty-dollar Pier 1 Imports card. Place all three in a small, adorable gift box and throw a bow or ribbon on it.

The Fitness BFF

Your best friend dragged you into this whole health kick. You don’t sleep in anymore because of the 6 a.m. runs. Being the great friend that you are, you put your body through the boot camp that she has created to share with her best pal. Knowing that fitness is a hobby for her, it is easy to lean straight to fitness equipment. Don’t! Give a gift of relaxation or a day of fun. Let your friend know that she deserves to take a break or just simply enjoy. A day at the spa would be great for a busy, on-the-go friend. Afterwards, set up a nice lunch and then a movie. Decorate a small gift basket with a note, a card from the spa, a lunch menu from the restaurant of choice, and the two movie tickets. For fillers, place her favorite healthy snacks and a cute stuffed animal wearing gym clothes. I bet you thought that I was going to say to get her the latest Fitbit or something. Haha!

The New BFF

You and your old best friend got into this major fight to where you guys will never speak again. And then, suddenly, you meet this awesome person who is just like you. They enjoy the things that you like. So what do you get a new best friend? Well, you have to observe. Although they like the same things you like, there are some differences. Look at how they live. What is missing in their home? If she likes to cook, a Rachel Ray cooking set is a great way to go. If you noticed that she liked a jacket when you guys were out window shopping, get the jacket. This is a fresh relationship, so don’t overthink it.

Childhood BFF

This is my favorite type of best friend. Childhood best friends have the cutest stories. This type of gift shopping requires a lot of thought and a lot of heart. There are many heartfelt ideas that your life-long partner in crime will appreciate. A timeline box can produce acute nostalgia. Fill a box with pictures, best friend trinkets, and anything of any personal value between you two. Maybe add candy that you guys used to enjoy. It will show her how much those years meant. Another idea… be a kid again and take her to an amusement park. Have you guys always wanted travel and explore together? That wish for a trip to Barcelona should be granted and is guaranteed to top all gifts.