Best Gift For 2 Year Old

You know a 2 year old, but you don’t know what to get the little one as a gift for an upcoming occassion where your presence requires presents. We know you all have had this dilemna at some point in your life. There are many options when considering the best gift for a 2 year old. Kids at this age delight in presents, and sometimes even remember them into their adult years.

Second Language Books

These are a great idea if you want to help the parents teach the toddler a second language. If you live in a bilingual country, then it can be a book teaching children words from the language that the household does not commonly speak. Also, if the parents are of a certain ethnicity, then you can get their child a book with words from their native language. The parents will probably have fun reading the book to their child because then they can brush up on their language skills.

Gift Certificates to Play Centers

Usually an area will have a local children’s gym where kids can go and run around and learn gymnastics. These places are nice because the parent can do something different with their toddlers. Even beginner swimming lessons where moms and tots swim together are a wonderful day out that the parent might not have necessarily invested in before.

Toddler Blankets 

This is the age where little ones like to snuggle baby blankets, like Linus van Pelt from “Peanuts”. Kids this age love having something that is all their own. It is an age where the toddler begins to sense ownership of certain items in the house. A washable toddler blanket is a wonderful gift that will be used at night time or can be pulled out for the child to snuggle when they are having nap time. And we all know how much parents love it when toddlers voluntarily take their blanket and ask for nap time.

Outdoor Equipment

The toddler years are when kids like to keep busy outside and even begin simulating useful activities. For example, if the child has a bucket, they might fill it up with sand from the sand box or water from the kiddie pool. Toddlers love to keep themselves entertained outside, so baby shovels and soccer balls can help them stay interested.

Bathing Suits

Chances are, the parents have not found a spare moment to pick out bathing suits for their toddlers. There are some great suits, ones with floatation devices built in. Also, a set of waterproof diapers are a must have for moms who do not like their child swimming in feces.

Bath Toys

Toddlers begin to like bath time at this age. They like to draw on the walls with crayons made for the bath and line up all their toys. They make up little stories about their bath time toys, and love dumping buckets of water on their head.

The best gift for 2 year olds are ones that help the parents entertain their toddlers and start to create a sense of independence in the children.