Best Gifts for Teachers

We know that teachers work hard year round to educate their students. Occassionally there are those terrible teachers that the school fires after a year of work. Think Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher, who was quite the character and not irredemable, but definitely not cut out to be an elementary classroom instructor. But usually, teachers go into education because they actually like seeing their students grow as people. These are the teachers that parents and students want to shower with gifts and praise. There are many nice things to buy for a teacher, but here is a list of the following best gifts for teachers:

Fancy Food

Most teachers go into teaching for the love of learning, not the pay cheque. As a result, unless they have rich partners, they generally go without some of the luxuries of life. This is where the students can come in and purchase them fancy items like Bernard Callebaut chocolates. Your teacher is probably not going to spend her hard earned cash on luxury food items, so get creative. You can also get her a gift certificate to an expensive restaurant or just a wonderful, moderately priced one. Teachers need all the perks they can get, and fine food is always welcome.

Spa Certificate

What teacher does not like to get away to the spa? Even men can enjoy these spa certificates for a nice massage or a male manicure. These are things that teachers don’t always get for themselves, so give them something nice they can use on their time off.


We’re pretty sure everyone on this planet likes candles. There’s something about the rich, lovely scents and the ambience they set. There are so many great brands out there, but one notable on is Scentsy. You can purchase these from a local consultant and help support their business. Also, a trendy type of candle is the Charmed Aroma candle, where the recipient can get a ring inside worth up to $5 000. If the teacher is married, then a male teacher can give the ring to his wife. The candle itself will burn nicely when the teacher is having a relaxing bath or grading papers with a glass of wine on the couch.

Coffee or Tea Sets

We know you were waiting to get that teacher their “Greatest Teacher” mug. So make a small basket and fill it with coffee or tea (depending on if the teacher is pro or nay caffeine) and include this coffee cup. A teacher may not necessarily say it, but to have a mug like that when heading into the teachers’ lounge for a fresh cup of joe is a source of pride. A teacher loves to know they are doing a great job at their career, so giving them these type of things is basically like giving them an ‘A’. And they have some delicious beverages to enjoy that are not sludge.

Teachers are a special group of folks that deserve all of our appreciation. They nurture our brains and often our souls, so get them the best gifts for teachers off this list.