How To Make A Gift Basket

There is a lot of value in making a gift basket. Sometimes, companies actually employ people to make gift baskets for their raffles. It takes time to put together a nice gift basket and the staff are too busy with their day to day tasks. Anyone can put together one, and the following instructions will detail how to make a gift basket.


This is the go to material regarding wrapping the basket. This wrapping can be plain, or decorated with a motif. The important thing is to get lots of it. The extra can be used for a future gift basket. However, if it is a themed print, like baby rattles, then you probably only want to get one roll, which will be good for a moderate sized basket. This material is to encompass the entire basket and its contents. Then a bow can be neatly tied at the top.

Choose a Theme

Themes are excellent ways to be festive or express the personalized nature of the basket. It seems one of the common themes of a gift basket is the thank you basket. People usually put delicious edibles in the basket to tell the person they appreciate what they did for them. These baskets do not cost people a lot to make; in fact, this type of present can actually save a person money because they can use treats that are lying around the house that no one else will eat. These items are nice in a basket because what is one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This saying rules the gift basket world.

Promote Your Business

  Chances are you have accumulated some killer swag from your business. For example, if you are a hairstylist, you probably have a lot of new products in your sphere. Also, you get these for amazing discounts, so these are the type of things to throw in the gift basket. And, you can add your business card, so that people can consider coming to your workplace. Try to throw in some coupons as well; you might have to ask your boss if the company could give out a promotion for this occassion. The manager will see this as excellent PR and probably be happy for the free advertising. And if you are your own boss, then even better. You shouldn’t feel shy about getting your name out there. Everyone else making gift baskets does this. You could even purchase a small gift card for your business, which will bring the gift receiver into your store.

Promote other Local Businesses

  If you are doing this basket for a company, then chances are other local businesses would like to be involved. You can go around and tell them about the basket and where it will be going. Ask them what they would suggest putting in the basket and if they would like to include any coupons.

This list of how to make a gift basket will help you become an expert. You can probably even start a gift basket business with the tips we mentioned above.